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Welcome to Kitty Hooch™ wholesale. We are proceeding full time to support our wholesale accounts. At this location you will be able to do the following.

  • Request a wholesale account Do it now!
  • Order from our full product line wholesale (complete)
  • Review your order history (done)
  • Duplicate orders from history (todo)
  • Schedule anticipated order check backs (todo)
  • Authorize your people to generate orders for you (in work)
  • Authorize your sales people to request free sample products (todo)
  • Add new store locations to our store locator (if you are receiving in only one location and transporting to others.)
  • Subscribe to informational email broadcasts (todo)
  • Expose your sales staff to information useful in selling Kitty Hooch and using it to create customer loyalty (todo)

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You should request access on the menu. Online ordering requires an account and all accounts must be verified. This is a two step system that protects both of us. It insures no passwords are transmitted in an insecure fashion and insures only legitimate retailers can buy from us wholesale. This protects us all by protecting our brand.

Currently you must have Javascript and any modern browser such as Firefox or the new Google Chrome. It is highly recommended not to run IE 5 on this site as it may not function correctly and will present a security risk. We will add support for for internet devices and mobile phones shortly.

Let me address security. Eric is our web designer who has been doing web development since the mid 90s. We are very security conscious so no credit card information is stored on our server. We will never send email or passwords through email. All logins will be done on encrypted pages. All private information will be gathered only on encrypted pages. Please help us to help you. Good web security starts with common sense. Never send credit card or identity information in unencrypted emails! If you are paranoid on our level feel free to request public keys for encrypted emails.

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